New Website Launched

We’ve been so busy at Imagine Online that we have neglected to give our very own website an update for quite some time.

Our old site focused primarily on our core service which is designing and implementing websites for our wide range of clients and as such it gave the impression that website design was all that we had to offer, which really isn’t the case.

Increasingly over the years we have been providing Website Hosting Services and IT Support to our clients, whilst not actually advertising these capabilities on our website. We have very much become a ‘one stop shop’ for all our clients needs, not just website design, and our new website was built to reflect that.

As websites generally go hand in hand with email services we’ve also been providing Hosted Exchange for quite a few years now, and recently have been converting our client base to Office 365 Subscriptions so they can have the very latest in Office Software, for a simple monthly subscription.

Things have certainly changes considerably here at Imagine which is great news both for us and our clients.

Stay tuned for further developments and as always if you have any questions about our services, or just would like to chat about the online world in general, drop us a line.

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